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Even though our adoption is actually taking place in 2004-2005, the process began in our hearts back in 2000 when we decided to adopt from China. It was shortly after this decision was made that we knew our daughter would be named Lydia. We had the "who", "what" "where" and "why", but were still waiting on the "when."

Conne and JonathanThe "when" came shortly after moving to our current place of residence. Our lives had been in transition with Jonathan's return to college and subsequent career change, but with life settling down, we decided to begin the process shortly after Jonathan's birthday in April.


Paperwork and More Paperwork!

The next days, weeks and months involved acquiring forms and documents, filling them out, getting them notarized and authenticated and mailing them everywhere from Virginia to Chicago to Houston. This process, for the most part, went pretty smooth thanks to our adoption agency and some very helpful people along the way (thanks Janet and Dr. Meador). All the documents gathered together comprised our dossier, which was sent to China on November 5th and logged in at the China Center of Adoption Affairs on November 10th.

We received Lydia’s referral on May 23rd (Lydia's picture and information) and were given travel approval on June 20th. We will be leaving July 14th and returning July 29th!

To say that we are excited is an understatement! We can't wait to get our little girl and bring her back home with us. In the meantime, we are filling our days with shopping and getting our home ready for the newest member of our family!