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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size is Lydia wearing?
A. Good question! She is still wearing some 6-9 month outfits, but is mainly in 12 month outfits. One-piece outfits are still best as she is petite and pants are often too big for her.

Q. What does she eat?
A. The question should be—what doesn’t she eat?! She’s been a good eater since the day we got her. She doesn’t like spaghetti or catsup, but she loves pizza—so go figure! One of her favorite things is ice—please don’t crunch if you don’t intend to share!

Q. Is she sleeping through the night?
A. Lydia wakes up several times at night—nighttime is still often a struggle, but it is getting better.

Q. What is Lydia saying?
A. Not much really. She can “baby babble” with the best of them, but doesn’t seem interested in saying “real words” yet. She does say “mamamamama” and “dadadadada” and “babababababa”—for bottle! Many have also asked about her transition from hearing Chinese to hearing English. This does not seem to be a problem for her at all. She may not say much, but she understands everything we say and can follow directions quite well (when she feels like it!)

Q. Does she like music?
A. Without a doubt, Lydia loves music. She doesn’t watch much TV right now, but will stop in her tracks if a catchy jingle comes on. (Her current favorite is for SBC where they sing “Phone, TV, DSL”—she dances to it!) She loves to play piano with her dad—or without him! As for every mother’s dream of singing lull-a-byes to her children, well, I had to abandon that dream. If I sing, she sings so it doesn’t work to put her to sleep!

Q. Does she have any favorite toys?
A. Her favorite toys are all of them! She really loves to play and doesn’t have one favorite toy.

Q. How big is she? What are her features like?
A. We haven’t had her weighed/measured for quite awhile. I’ll try to update this after her next doctor’s appointment. Lydia’s hair is very fine and she has a double cowlick in back. She won’t wear a barrette so we’ll be getting her bangs cut soon! Lydia looks best in bright colors such as lime green, bright pink, purple and yellow. Colors such as white, light pink, and light blue tend to “wash her out”.

Q. What’s the funniest question you’ve been asked about Lydia?
A. We had a man comment that Lydia smelled good. He then asked Jonathan if that was because she is Chinese. Jonathan responded, that, no, it was because she had just had a bath!

Q. Why China?
A. China is the country God laid on our hearts. One of our youth group kids went there for a mission trip two summers in a row and his stories and pictures completely captivated us! Another reason for China is because adoption and custody are final in China. There is no chance for the birth parents or anyone else to claim the child once he or she is given up for adoption. This is not so with some domestic adoptions.

Q. When can Lydia apply for U.S. citizenship?
A. The moment we step onto U.S. soil, she is considered an official application needed!

Q. Will you definitely be getting a girl?
A. Yes. We have requested a girl and as China has more girl orphans than boy orphans, we will have no problem getting a girl.

Q. How old will Lydia be?
A. Lydia will celebrate her first birthday on July 2nd!

Q. When will you get her?
A. We will be traveling to China on July 14th and Lydia will be given to us on July 18th.

Q. How are you decorating Lydia's room?
A. Light purple and pandas.