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Joining Us In China

After all the paperwork was completed and all our documents had been sent to China, the first question we asked ourselves was, "Who can we take with us?" Our purpose in asking was twofold:

  1. To give people a chance to experience a culture in another part of the world.
  2. To be our slaves.


We decided to ask Mark and Jana to go with us to China. Over the years, Mark and Jana have been extremely supportive of our decision to adopt from China. Mark has been to China twice before on mission trips, and we felt he would serve as a great guide for our travels. We invited Jana to go because Mark has always wanted to take Jana to China and, well, she's his wife. Mark and Jana Mark and Jana agreed to go with us and began making plans to that end. However, God had other plans and now Mark and Jana will not be able to make the trip. Instead, Mark and Jana are starting their own family! Their little one is due in July. Best wishes to Jana and Mark as they begin their own journey toward parenthood!
LaceyLacey is our niece and will be traveling with us this summer to China. Lacey has been to Mexico on mission trips and loves to explore new things. We are happy to have her along to share this experience with us and to carry our luggage!
Caiti will also be traveling with us this summer. She has logged many traveling miles, having been to Mexico, Romania, Thailand and Ecuador on mission trips. Caiti has felt called to China for some time and we are looking forward to taking her with us as well!